About Judy Patrick

Judy's photographs depict the scale of each project and the dreams realized by the architects, engineers and builders involved.


Industry, her favorite subject matter, is what some might call a logistical nightmare. The temperature, the environment, and the scope of the project are all difficult variables. But, for Judy, these are opportunities to tell a story. After 25 plus years working as a professional photographer, she knows her way around industrial projects and remote exploration sites.


Documenting drill rigs, exploring underground mines, or shooting major road construction, Judy has worked for some of the world's largest companies in Alaska and across the Lower 48.


Arctic Oil: Photographs of Alaska's North Slope is a comprehensive photo essay covering 25 years of oil exploration and development in the Arctic.

The Arctic is difficult to describe in words and this book is loaded with photos that show how work is conducted and the conditions that workers have to deal with.

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